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Let's dream big!

I admire many people. They are not only musicians, but also inventors, entrepreneurs, athletes, religious people, teachers and many others! All those who somehow stimulated my reflection on how to live and inspired me to act. Sometimes it seems impossible to get to where we want, but all these people I admire have shown the opposite with their lives.

Lately I have noticed a greater maturity in my strategies. This is the result of many downfalls, but also of a more critical analysis of the entire context in which I enter. The idea is that it is not enough to dream, but we need to create conditions for effects. A plant will not sprout unless we prepare the earth, plant the seed, and water it carefully. We will not pass a test if we do not study. And so on...

Big dream today and always, and that my achievements can make many people happy. I also dream about you all because I want you to believe you can get there.

I wish you all the best,

Fabio Machado

August 20th,


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