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Luiz's daring

Playing is much more than presenting something. It is establishing a connection with the audience. This synergy feeds our inspiration and desire to deliver the best. There were several times when I felt very good to see several people dancing to the sound of my drumming. Not long ago, playing with the band Joanne, I also had a fantastic experience. Luiz Azevedo, the band's guitarist, charismatic as always, did something unusual this time: on his guitar solo he left the stage and went to the audience. He simply selected someone and asked her to play the rhythm on the guitar strings while he set up the chord with his left hand. That was so cool and fun and it really brought people together for the show. It made me wonder how much we wish to dare to make sure people have fun. The most important thing about a show is exactly this search for the best experience on both sides. Without it, what is spectacle?

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